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The Salient is a 1000m² property next to the market square of Ypres. Specialised in accommodating groups, it takes up to 107 people with a minimum of 25. The massive size of this building and the "innovative" old architecture of The Salient is unique and will make your trip to the battlefields unforgettable. Eclecticism and Art Nouveau architectural influences (late 19th century) bring history to life the first second you enter The Ypres Salient.

A symbolic location beyond compare

Old buildings are absolutely fascinating. They always make you curious to find out what happened there the days before you came. The Salient has a full bookshelf of such stories to tell.

  • 1914 - 1918: Destroyed
  • 1927: Textile factory
  • 1984: Dentist lab
  • 2006: Accommodation for groups

While it was nearly levelled during the Great War, it was a "black house" during the second world war! With its 1000m² on the ground, of wich the half is taken by the garden, and another 1000m² of total living space on 4 floors, The Salient is the largest private property in the centre of Ypres.

The Salient - Facade